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Fantastic weekend playing up in Vermont with the BEST folks EVER!

Pawntip Sainpet · Friends with Mary Lea
You looked great, Mary!
Jeanne Clifford Fantastic weekend - many thanks to all who made it so!
Micki Taylor-Pinney · 12 mutual friends
fantastic music!!

Fantastic week at Pinewoods playing the best tunes with my favorite musicians for my favorite peeps, working with the best teachers on the planet!

Rhoda Bodnoff · Friends with Yves Moreau
Thank you dear Tom
Like · Reply · 1 · July 3 at 5:46pm

In heaven, there is no beer. But in the camphouse, I think there is.

The Pinewoods Band closes out the June 27 Saturday party at Pinewoods Camp, Plymouth, Massachusetts.