About the Pinewoods Band

The Pinewoods Band showcases the far reaching talents of an eclectic and spirited group of musicians who have been playing together at home in Greater Boston and throughout the US and Canada since 1991. Their energy, wit and enthusiasm are matched by an amazing breadth of repertoire and instrumental command. Over the decades, The Pinewoods Band has worked with just about every active folk dance teacher, either at Pinewoods Camp or at other camps and festivals. The Pinewoods Band has enjoyed a special collaboration with renowned Balkan dance specialist Yves Moreau since first working with him in 1991.

Susan Worland: violin
Ralph Iverson: violin, gadulka, saxophone, flute, tambura, kaval
Brian Wilson: violin, clarinet, vocals
Patrick Yacono: clarinet, kaval, gajda, vocals
Julia Poirier: guitar, vocals
David Skidmore: percussion, clarinet, kaval, whistle, vocals
Barbara Pixton: bass, vocals
Tom Pixton: band leader, accordion, vocals, arranger

"...picture this band late at night, in some smokey ill-lit Greek café, trading tunes with a local folk violinist while knocking back shots of retsina kourtak." —Greenman Review, March 2001

The Pinewoods Band is in residence at the FAC Pinewoods Dance Camp and at the FAC Oktoberfest Dance Weekend.