Music composed in honor of Sally Dee

Sally Dee has been dancing, teaching, and leading Scottish Country Dance for a long time, and many have been inspired to compose tunes for her. Sally is also an active listener, offering enthusiastic and constructive support for dance musicians. It proved too great a challenge to choose representative contemporary compositions to record on the CD, but an online catalog seemed ideal, as it can be added to indefinitely, and any unintentional errors can always be fixed!

If you have any tunes you'd like to submit, composed by you or anyone else, either written in honor of Sally or that have some connection with her or the Wee Bluets, please send an email to

1) Reel: Lafayette's Welcome to Hamilton Hall, by Barbara McOwen, 1983

2) Strathspey: Sally Dee of Salem, by Tom Pixton, 2000

3) Jig: The Craigies (Northern Harmony), by Tom Pixton, 1999

4) Jig: Joanna Reiner, by Tom Pixton, 2000

5) Strathspey: Susan Worland's, by Tom Pixton, 1999

The Sally Dee Project Committee:

Howard Lasnik, dance and music repertoire consultant
MaryEllen Scanell, project management support
Marcie Rowland, bursar and treasurer
Tom Pixton, webmaster and recording engineer

A Tribute to Sally Dee