Web strategy

Research what your users say, report on the findings, and recommend solutions

Interviewing selected people who interact with your site reveals valuable data about how they use it. We conduct the interviews from users you select and write a report summarizing what we learned. We recommed possible solutions based on the report.

Define the specifications of your site based on our research, and create the Request for Proposal that we send to qualified creative partners.

Based on what we learned in the research phase, we create a Request for Proposal which itemizes the deliverables needed to create the site that meets your goals. The RFP is sent to qualified partner vendors with a history of successful collaboration. The deliverables may include information architecture, writing, visual design, photography, and development.

Review and compare the bids from your RFP, and recommend the team that best fits your goals

The estimates from vendors typically show a range of solutions and costs. Interpreting and comparing their written estimates can be challenging. We review the estimates together, helping you to decide which vendors to contract. We may want to meet with the finalist to get a clear idea of their working style.

Manage the project by attending all meetings and presentations, and guiding your site to a successful launch

The myriad details that need to be addressed in creating your site can be challenging to navigate. Your site will need to be mobile compliant, incorporate design style requirements, satisfy 508/504 accessibility guidelines, and be checked for usability. We can manage those details for you and ensure the vendors work together successfully to meet the specified requirements.