Case study

MIT Washington Office

Client: MIT Washington Office

Services: visual design, design development, project management and training

The existing site had been inexpertly built in Drupal 7 using a design borrowed from a previous President’s Office site. The site was not compliant with the MIT graphic identity standards, not mobile compliant, and was hard to maintain.

Using the existing visual design as a starting point, I redesigned and rebuilt the site in static html using a customized instance of my “DLC Theme.” The client reviewed and approved this static version.

After confirming the design and its behavior, we turned to our brilliant in-house developer Lin Lee to bring the new site into Druapl 8. Since I had built out all pages, all css styles, and all javascript behaviors as a static site, this took Lin a day or two. I then took the site back and working in Drupal 8, finished all the content, launching the site in July of 2016.

I provided the client with written documentation and phone support until they were comfortable with maintaining the site on their own.