Case study

MIT Sloan MBA Policy Handbook

Client: MIT Sloan MBA Program Office

Services: visual design, development (Drupal Cloud), client training, project management

The MIT Sloan MBA Program had published a 60-page printed handbook every year for incoming candidates. In the spring of 2018, the office decided to convert the printed book to an online version to better serve their audiences. The online version would be searchable, usable on mobile devices, and more easily updated.

Presenting the content of a printed book on a website presents certain challenges. A user accustomed to finding content by page numbers from a table of contents or skimming through the book by viewing the chapter headers, for example, would need to find the online content in a similar way.

The new site collapsed a full-width menu into a single mobile-menu-style bar, making every section accessible without obscuring content. In addition, a parallel system using collapsing panels on the home page allowed users familiar with the old site an easy way into every section of the new site’s content.