Tom Pixton is active as an International, Balkan, and Scottish folk dance musician. He has worked with many of today's most accomplished dance teachers and musicians as accordionist, pianist, band leader, music arranger, and CD producer.

Tom has provided dance music for dance camps, workshops, and special events in the US, Canada, and Japan. He has provided music leadership for Royal Scottish Country Dance Society branches in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New Haven, and New York, Cambridge Revels, June Camp, and the Folk Arts Center of New England.

Tom has studied accordion with Petur Ralchev, Koliu Kolev, Bobby Brown, Steve Riley, and Bois Sec Ardoin, and voice with Tatiana Srbinska. He has produced CDs with Flying Tomatoes, BiCoastal Band, and Pinewoods Band. His Scottish recordings include Scottish in Salem (with Lissa Schneckenberger), Saucy Bess: The Piper’s Weird and Live From C Sharp.

Tom plays a custom-built 4/5 96-bass Guerrini Classic, tuned to A=440Hz, with double tone chamber, dry tuning, and custom reed switch configuration. It is a magnificent instrument on which any music comes to life with penetrating intensity. It is equipped with the Limex wireless microphone and MIDI system.

Tom publishes the Pinewoods International Collection, a 400-page book of folk dance tunes and songs from around the world. The book has become widely known as a major source of dance music and as a reference volume.

Tom was a harpsichord player and maker between 1977 and 1984, and studied with Gustav Leonhardt and Louis Bagger. He performed throughout the US, made a variety of recordings, and built 18 harpsichords. In 1991, he decided that the accordion was way more fun.

Tom graduated from Brandeis University in 1976 with a degree in music. When not playing music, Tom works as a freelance web strategist in the higher education and non-profit space.